ajkin ('day diviner')

'The Preview' window begins the Tom Tooman A.R.G on the web. The user types sections of code from the sticker in lieu of letters. Once reverse-decoded, the phrase "red cloud" opens the gateway. Behind this is the date in Mayan glyph form. On left is the 'winal' or Mayan 'month' on right is the Mayan day, 'kin.' The transitions animate on the day 24 times, hence hours are visible.

Through the winal in its default state, a window opens to a series of animations regarding a geostationary satellite that transforms showcasing the states, and their arrival in sequence overwriting on the approximate borders of Native tribal areas in the late 1800's. The borders animate coded questions spurned by a introductory flickered taunt. Complete the question and it leads to areyouaborder.

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